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Whether your finding the right portfolio of initial angel investments due to recent liquidity or a seasoned institutional investment firm looking for extremely specific criteria for a Series A, B, C capital deployment or acquisition… we are here to help. 

Looking for a specific investment in global real estate, bio-tech, even alternative industries? Our team can pro-actively communicate with targeted potentials, travel to targeted industry events for tailored access to deal flow opportunities, and work with you to find deals in our Accredited investor deal flow portal and our VIP ONLY database of opportunities.

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How long are listings on your platform?

We find that most companies like to keep the gates open for investors year round  and on-going; even if they have just completed a round and aren’t quite ready for the next one. 

As long as information stays updated about the valuation you are looking for, company progress and more it can help keep opportunities for the right investor, strategic partner, an acquisition, or profitable client to come your way.

Benefits for Accredited Investors

Sponsored (free) access to extended deals globally, filtered by your most important facets is available at no cost to accredited investors. 

For investors looking for pro-active deal scouting services please speak to our investor relations division to discuss the strict criteria you have whether for acquisition, seed or a-d rounds, strategic alliances or more.

Are deals presented to investors in person too?

Yes! We host investor conferences, pitch events and investor one-on-ones for deals and investors across many industries. For access to present your brand visit or if you’re an investor seeking deal flow create an account and let us know your preferences to begin reviewing deals2match

What criteria do you look for on featured deals?

Typically more mature startups or brands with growing revenue, a seasoned executive team, clear business model, well defined niche, and a fantastic board of directors.

Our overriding goal however, is one of promoting impact and philanthropy. Social Entrepreneurs that are building scalable ventures that make an impact on billions are some of our favorite people to help. 

Let's talk about your deal flow goals.

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